All About Raised Spot Business Cards

Business Cards which are just small 2×3.5 inch cards can perfectly convey to the customers who you are and why they would require your services. Raised Spot Business Cards act as a return ticket to your business owing to its simple but appealing and informative design. Hiring Business Card Printing services are always considered a smart investment in marketing strategy, even in this age of digitization. They act as a constant reminder of you as well as your brand. Yes, they would not look at your cards every time, but your brand will surely be called for in their mind, more than just sharing information with an email. Even, there are people who choose to hold and get the feel of business cards. According to several studies, it is now a proven fact that compared to digital marketing content, business cards and hard copy marketing materials hold longer in the memory. Although there are many types of business cards to choose from, today, let’s have a discussion about Raised Spot Business Cards.

What are Raised Spot Business Cards?

Raised Spot Business Card Printing consists of a special UV process in which a layer of UV ink is applied to a particular area of the card which serves the purpose of highlighting and also makes it stand out. The layer of UV ink which is applied involves 30 and 60 microns higher than the surrounding surface. People can feel the astonishing design of these Raised Spot Business Cards when these cards are handed over to them with their fingers. Raised Spot UV Business Card Printing will not only stop the potential business seekers to think twice before tossing away your card but will also set you apart from the competition. They provide a great opportunity to take you as well as your brand to the next level.

What is the basic difference between Spot UV Business Cards and Raised spot UV Cards?

Spot UV Business Card Printing is technically considered mainly as a coating process rather than a printing process. Spot UV is a shiny layer with a transparent and flat finish that is applied to particular spots where you desire to have a high gloss coating.

Raised Spot UV is almost the same as Spot UV, but in this case, the spot UV is applied to stand out from the product. Once you get hold of it, you can get the feel of it.

Tips on how to design Raised Spot Business Cards:

The first interaction, as with many potential customers, is extending your business card. So, you should always make sure that it can leave a lasting impact. Well-designed Raised Spot Business Cards not only ensures a proper display of your contact information but also introduce you as a trustworthy and professional brand.

Are you wondering what actually makes for a good business card? How do you make it outstanding which will help captivate more people over time?

First of all, you should ensure that there is an efficient transfer of the essence of your business for which you would require a thoughtfully designed logo having the appropriate colors. You can dedicate the entire front side of your card to the logo. For this, you would need to have organized information, having the right typeface, size, and shape. After this, when you add some enhancements like soft touch, silk, foil, or matte laminations Spot UV, Raised Spot UV, will make the Raised Spot Business Cards even more engaging.

You can highlight the important information with the raised spot UV Business Card Printing and also you can choose high contrast colors. Thus, you take full advantage of the glossy effect.

Benefits of choosing Raised Spot Business Cards:

Business Cards get enhanced with Spot UV finishes making them stand out from the pack. Not only the smooth texture feels luxurious to touch but when paired with a matte base, the shiny finish reflects light for an eye-catching look.

In addition, the UV coating helps with durability, when the experts of Business Card Printing print the cards on the correct water and tear-resistant stock. With UV treatment, the thicker materials work especially well, which makes for a long-lasting, sturdier card together with an unforgettable feel.

Final Thoughts:

Business Cards always need to make an impact whenever you hand it over to someone. When strategically combined with other printing techniques, Spot UV Business Card Printing has the biggest impact.

Always look for printing services who are professionals in printing Raised Spot Business Cards and also offer a variety of other high-quality techniques like die cutting, rounded corners, embossing, perforation, and more. Thus, take your business cards to the next level and fabricate something that will be truly unforgettable in the days to come.

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