How to obtain a Dominican Republic Dual Citizenship?

The completed designs and the going with documentation ought to be submitted to the U.S. Occupants Services Unit of the Consular Section of the U.S. Government office in Santo Domingo to conclude whether your application agrees to each and every legitimate need:

Up-and-comer’s extraordinary new (for the present circumstance Dominican) approved and in-extensa birth underwriting.

Dominican birth confirmations come in various arrangements: a half-sheet used for getting together with school, a hypothetical (Extractor de Acta) of essentially the huge characteristics of information, and the aggregate, full-length plan (Acta in Extensa). Simply birth validations in extensa will be recognized.

Copy of Baptismal validation.

Copy of the gatekeepers’ legitimized Dominican, official U.S. of course other marriage statement for current marriage (if appropriate). Convey firsts to meet.

Story evidence of termination of any past friendships of either parent (for instance separate from request, end support, etc.), if material.

Copy of the up-and-comer’s approved Dominican or other marriage affirmation for current marriage (if pertinent). Convey firsts to meet.

Story evidence of conclusion of any past friendships of possibility (for instance separate from request, destruction support, etc.), if material.

Dominican Civil Documents: In the Dominican Republic, birth, marriage, detachment and passing records are obtained from the close by library office (Officially del Registry Civil) closest to where the event happened. Nevertheless, such reports ought to be brought to the central vault office (Officine Central del Registry Civil) at the optional commission (Junta Central Electoral) in Santo Domingo to be endorsed by affirming them against the duplicate records kept there. Just approved Dominican normal records checked, ventured and fixed on the different sides will be recognized.

Proof of parent’s or on the other hand watchmen’s U.S. citizenship (for instance guaranteed copy of U.S. birth revelation, U.S. recognizable proof, Certificate of Naturalization or Citizenship, Consular Report of Birth Abroad, etc.)

Proof of gatekeepers’ (in case they are both U.S. occupants) or parent’s character: Photo ID (drivers license, state ID, etc.) if U.S. occupant gatekeepers or parent are/is died, ought to bring the power passing affirmation/s.

Another remarkable chronicle from the United States, Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic developing the personality of the competitor and its relationship with his/her U.S. inhabitant father/mother.

Affirmation of applicant’s character: Dominican cedula.

Confirmation from the Electoral Central Office (Junta Central Electoral) showing the date wherein applicant gained his/her Dominican ID (Cedula) curiously.

Support from the working environment of Dominican Immigration Authorities (Migración Dominicana) showing the date of appearance to the Dominican Republic of the U.S. inhabitant father/mother.

Application structure DS-11 completed ONLINE and printed. Composed by hand filled application structures are NOT recognized. Applications are NOT to be embraced until you are referenced to do as such by a Consular Officer.

Two 2″ by 2″ (5 cm x 5 cm) concealing photos (front view, full face and plain white or grayish establishment).

Charges: Persons north of 18 years of age who are accounted for curiously as having as of late acquired U.S. citizenship pay $145.00 or the practically identical in pesos, despite the dispatch organization that passes the chronicles on to any city inside the Dominican Republic.

Note: Depending on the states of your case, it is possible that you may be drawn closer to present affirmations of real presence in the United States from your U. S. occupant father/mother. Dominica passport ranking

Other: The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) expects that both a blood and a real relationship exist between the up-and-comer and the U.S. inhabitant parent. The heaviness of proof is upon the contender to develop a case to U.S. citizenship. For example, accepting a child is imagined misguidedly, the U.S. occupant father should give affirmation of induction to the mother at the logical period of start. Basically, in unprecedented circumstances, for instance, in vitro readiness cases, intermediary mother cases, etc., additional confirmation may be required.

How Do I Apply for Citizenship of the Commonwealth of Dominica?

Citizenship of the Commonwealth of Dominica can be scraped by:



Decency of home

Necessities for applying for Citizenship

Completed application structures for Dominica passport (open at the Labor Division, Ministry of National Security, Labor and Immigration)

Letter addressed to Minister for Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Labor referencing citizenship

  •         Police Record
  •         Birth Certificate
  •         Four (4) worldwide IDs estimated photos
  •         Clinical assertion including HIV test
  •         Bank enunciation/proposition from specialist
  •         Marriage Certificate
  •         Two accolades
  •         Application charge of EC $250.00 to be paid at the Treasury Department
  •         Safe receipt as proof of portion of usage charge
  •         Late copy of work/home award
  •         Copy of the bio data page of ID and the pages with date of issue and expiry date
  •         EC $20 stamps* for application structures
  •         ** Vow of faithfulness
  •         ** EC $20 concrete stamps* for promise of faithfulness
  •         Stamps are open for purchase at the General Post Office in Roseau and at its branches.
  •         ** Accepting the Honorable Minister for Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Labor upholds the application the competitor is expected to:

o         Make a promise at the Registry

o         Pay enrollment cost of EC $2000.00 at the Treasury Department

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