Steps And Benefits Of Adding Google Reviews To Squarespace

Wish to make your Squarespace website look more authentic? You can do it by adding Google reviews to it. What can be more authentic than displaying the real-life experiences of your customers? Google reviews help website visitors to trust you more.

Adding Google reviews to Squarespace website will help to boost search engine optimization, enhance your brand awareness, and strengthen your relationship with the target customers. What else do you need to grow as a brand?

Are you wondering how to add Good reviews to your Squarespace website? Read further to know five easy steps to do it!

Add Google Reviews To Squarespace In 5 Easy Steps

1. Register With A Tool

The first step to add Google reviews on your Squarespace website is to log in or sign up with any social media aggregator tools. There are multiple tools available from which you can go with the suitable one as per your requirements.

Tools like Taggbox, Nudgify, Elfsight, and more can help you embed Google reviews on Squarespace. These tools offer you different methods to do it. You can choose to register yourself with any of these and link your Squarespace website.

2. Make The Google Review Widget

It is time to make a Google Widget with the finalized tool. On the dashboard, choose Google as your source to aggregate customer reviews.

Create a name of your widget and a unique URL to create the Google Review feed. As you make the feed, you will be able to see all of your Google reviews aggregated in one place.

3. Moderate And Customize

The social media aggregator tools give you the options of moderation and customization. With the moderation feature, you can keep the google reviews according to your preferences. With this feature, you can eliminate irrelevant google reviews from the feed.

After moderation, you can customize the feed according to how you want it to look on the Squarespace website. In the customization of your Google review feed, you can change the layout, background color, size of the review posts, etc. You can also change the width and height of the widget while customizing it.

4. Generate The Embed Code

As you finish the moderation and customization of the Google review widget, you can now process generating the embed code for the same.

The tools give you an option of ‘get code’ or ‘generate code’ You need to select this option to generate the code, and copy it then.

5. Embed Google Reviews On Your Squarespace Website

Log in to your web page on Squarespace. Choose to edit on the website and paste the embed code here. To embed the Google reviews successfully on your Squarespace website, save changes once you paste the code.

Your process completes here. So, these are the quick and easy steps you can follow to embed Google reviews on your Squarespace website. The good news is that you do not need to learn any technicalities to follow these steps. If you are new to this, no issues. You can follow this process, go through these five steps and successfully embed Google reviews on the webpage of Squarespace.

You must be thinking of implementing this process. Still, doubt whether you should embed the Google reviews on the Squarespace website or not? The blog will give you an idea about its benefits to get rid of this doubt. Keep reading!

Benefits of Embedding Google Reviews On Squarespace

1. Increase Transparency And Authenticity

Google reviews make your customers believe that you are authentic and transparent. It will demonstrate that you are open to your customers.

Being transparent and authentic while targeting your potential customers helps to generate their trust and faith in you.

2. Boost Customer Engagement

When customers trust you, they tend to engage with you more. Also, when someone visits your Squarespace website, they look forward to getting something interesting. Embedding google reviews on Squarespace makes the customers stay on the website longer.

When the visitors read reviews from your existing customers, they want to explore your brand more. It ultimately enhances engagement.

3. Make Your Squarespace Webpage Lively

It enhances the overall feel of your website. Google reviews help to make your Squarespace website more lively. It enhances the aesthetics of your webpage and make it more vibrant,

Embedding the reviews will help to uplift the way your website looks. It helps to attract the target audience.


After reading the ways embedding Google reviews on your Squarespace can give benefits, you must become sure about implementing it.

The blog gives you a complete five easy step process that you can follow to embed Google reviews on the Squarespace website. Choose the tool you want to go with. Start with the process now, and see the changes!

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