Why Themed Cafes And Eateries Are Growing Popular in India? Expert Weighs-In

Restaurants are capitalizing on this chance to instil the trend of providing consumers with unique and engaging experiences that go beyond traditional dining.

Why Themed Cafes And Eateries Are Growing Popular in India? Expert Weighs-In

Due to changing lifestyles, economic conditions, and consumer preferences, F&B, like any other industry, has faced a variety of challenges. Thus, in a bid to overcome hurdles, the sector has significantly adopted a plethora of trends and solutions that assist growth and transformation. According to Maximize Market Research, the Indian food and beverage market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 11.05% to about $504.92 billion by 2027. In this context, the current scenario holds an enormous marketplace, providing several business prospects to entrepreneurs. Mr Prateek Chaudhary, Managing partner at Diablo Club, Dragonfly Experience & One8 Commune Delhi believes India, in particular, is witnessing expansion, allowing national and international restaurants to operate in this ecosystem.

The growing popularity of eateries among netizens has given rise to new segments, with theme-based cafés being no exception. Simply put, with continually changing customer expectations, themed cafés that provide distinctive concepts and immersive experiences are becoming more popular. Furthermore, the growth of themed cafés in India is fundamentally altering the typical dining experience by offering innovation, inventiveness, and immersive settings. There is no doubt that the themed cafés trend has advanced significantly in recent years. Even their design has evolved.

How Themed Cafés Are Reshaping The Dining Landscape?

  1. Experiential Design as a Potential Solution: Given the changing demands of consumers, cafés are looking to immersive experiential design as a potential solution. To be honest, the strategy of themed cafés goes beyond the usual notion of just offering food, intending to transport consumers into a different world or experience that will leave a lasting impression. Themed cafés consider all aspects of a restaurant’s ambience, including visually appealing décor, iconic accessories, and thematic designs. As a result, the trend is undoubtedly beneficial in providing a distinct and immersive setting that enriches the whole dining experience.
  2. Personalization to Boost Customer Engagement: It is undeniably true that themed cafés encourage customer engagement by incorporating interactive features linked to the theme. However, in recent years, personalization has emerged as a crucial factor in improving the customer experience. In this context, restaurants can employ data and technology to learn more about their clients and provide personalized service. For instance, a themed café may leverage a customer’s previous dining experience to create a tailored menu or offer specials based on their preferences. Thus, incorporating a personalization strategy will strengthen ties and make the diner feel seen and heard to strive in the competitive era.
  3. Culinary Innovation and Fusion: The introduction of themed cafés is disrupting the monotony of serving traditional meals and going beyond the physical setting. This is where themed cafés should include gastronomic items in their culinary offerings. The menu ought to reflect the creative narrative and culinary innovation to surprise and delight diners. Furthermore, in order to improve the overall thematic experience, chefs and culinary teams should experiment with new flavour combinations and creative presentation approaches or cultures for creatively named beverages. As a result, this culinary innovation adds an extra dimension of interest and excitement to the dining experience.

Themed Cafés: Reshaping the Traditional Dining Experience

It is not an overstatement to say that the rise of themed cafés in India is certainly transforming the traditional dining experience by offering customers an escape route from the ordinary. These cafés are not only offering an opportunity for a customer to indulge in nostalgia and have a dining experience that goes beyond merely eating, but also providing enormous growth potential for the restaurant business. To highlight this fact, according to the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI), the restaurant industry is poised to expand at a CAGR of 10% from 2021 to 2025. As a result, with their unique concepts and immersive environments, themed cafés are reshaping the way people perceive and engage with dining, making it more interactive, memorable, and enjoyable.


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